DM Ecological

Specialising in ecological services including environmental impact assessment, native vegetation quality assessments, project environmental management, and wildlife monitoring and management.

Who We Are

DM Ecological is an environmental consultancy based in north east Victoria.

We can assist your project in planning, design, and implementation, to ensure regulatory approvals and maximise environmental outcomes.

Our Mission

Providing clients with expert assessment and advice to identify and mitigate potential environmental impacts associated with their projects from inception, through development, and into operations.

Ensuring that clients are provided with best practice environmental surveys and assessments, to provide them with the required information and management outcomes required to facilitate approvals at the local, state, and federal level. DM Ecological has a focus on keeping projects on time and within budget and not only minimising environmental harm but contributing to environmental and community outcomes.

Our Services

Environmental Impact Assessments

Project approvals are granted based on detailed and accurate assessments of potential impacts to the environment and biodiversity.

Flora & Fauna Surveys

Knowing what inhabits an area is key to informing how that land should be managed or developed. By identifying the species and habitats present within the associated land we can provide information regarding ecological processes.

Construction Environmental Management

DM Ecological develops Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP’s), Flora and Fauna Management Plans (FFMP’s), Weed Management Plans (WMP’s), to facilitate approval conditions and progress your project into delivery.

Native Vegetation Quality Assessment and Offsets

Native vegetation removal requires a permit under Clause 52.17 of the Victorian Planning Provisions and relevant local government Planning Scheme in Victoria, or the State Environmental Planning Policy…

Arboreal Habitat

DM Ecological has designed and implemented arboreal habitat projects in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland for various hollow dependant fauna species including gliders and possums, microbats, and small and large parrot species.

Hear from our Clients

“DM Ecological has been providing prompt and reliable assistance to CAF Consulting. The technical expertise has ensured out projects are developed with minimal environmental impact and approved by regulators in a timely manner” 

Dean Briggs, General Manager, CAF Consulting

“The continued success of the program has been made possible thanks to Dylan McWhinney’s expertise, passion and professionalism. I have no hesitation recommending their services.” 

Sam Niedra, Executive Officer, Albury Conservation Company

Our Projects

Threatened Species Monitoring Program

Threatened Species Monitoring Program

Biannual (autumn and spring) monitoring of ~130 sites across Albury-Wodonga to monitor for presence/ absence of Squirrel Gliders using motion sensing cameras.

Benalla Urban Growth Strategy

Benalla Urban Growth Strategy

Desktop and site-based flora and fauna assessments across the proposed urban growth corridor within the local government area.